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Thank you for reading this introduction carefully before referring to the listings!

It is always difficult to choose a particular text instead of another because each writing, even if scientific, is bound to personal memories, to privileged moments linked to its writing, to an atmosphere, to an environment which inspired us and to lectures which were accessible at that moment. A writing is thus first an intimate moment of our life, so intimate that sometimes our pen becomes our friend...In a nutshell, this task is somehow impossible for the logic of the collector that I am, who is too much attached to systematic construction.

Out of desperation, I selected these writings,  that I believe can be interesting... in the order by which they came to my mind. The publications are sorted in lists by theme and by year. For the lectures, there are too many of them (more than 400 over the world) to be sorted by theme, they will surely be sorted later... Therefore I sorted them by year for the moment.

You have a rather complete listing, and the possibility to read these articles by clicking on your highlighted selection (with sometimes their translation in English).

So here is the summary of 40 years of research which made me love more and more my professions of dentist and inventor. Whereas dentistry is a science, as I always supported, invention is an art which, as painting, has its blue periods, its mauve periods … periods which mark the evolution of our research and our thoughts...

As a conclusion, I would like to warmly thank Bernard Duret for his help at all the levels. Enjoy your reading!