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Invention has been in my life what drawings are to painters, orchestra to musicians or verses to poets...

Creativity descriptions I have read from my colleagues show me that their new ideas come to them in the same way as they do for me. We surely have the same muse, because I deeply have the impression that my fifty last inventions (see the Patents pages) came to my mind "like that".

Inventing is not just imagining something, it is also (and especially) developing it and, if possible, taking it to the market to prove its usefulness, and to share with everybody the comfort that it can bring. Inventing is thus a quick act per se, but the work that follows, and which is a part of it, is very long and complex. It is this way which, for me, represents the invention by nature.

.. Could you imagine a musician who contents himself to sketching some musical lines without ever playing them?