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  • My career

Born on December 8th 1947 in Chalon sur Saône, and after having lived in Burgundy until the age of 14, I went back in 1965 to my ancestor's land, Annecy, at the Berthollet high school. After my baccalaureat in 1967, my college studies took place in Dijon, then in Lyon, and ended in Tours in 1984.
My university education is triple, since after a biochemistry education (Science 3rd year university degree and Bachelors degree in biochemistry  1974), I completed my curriculum with a dental surgeon formation (Doctor in Dental Surgery and in Odontologic Science  1980), and then with a formation of research physician and physiologist in gastro-enterology (Professor and PhD in human biology 1984).
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My career history until now has been marked out by 4 major stages. The first part was mainly about the beloved practice of dental surgery on the co untryside, coupled with an assistantship at the University. It was then followed by a personal investment in full-time teaching and research activities as a University Professor first in the USA, then in Japan (1989-2000). After that, I had a very different third experience, which slowly begun in 1996 and expended rapidly in 2000: the activity of inventor coupled with the one of entrepreneur. It is finally in this beginning of 2009 that certainly begun the greatest stage of my life, because it is devoted to the writing and to fundamental analyses corresponding to my 40 years of research.
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  • Research...

Even if I began my university researches in the field of early diagnosis of viral attack on Human cell cultures, it is mostly as the inventor of dental CAD CAM that my work is famous. It is between 1970 and 1973, at the age of 22, that I invented this new technology, punctuated by the viva voce of my second cycle thesis in dental Surgery, which got entitled “optical impression” 3 years later.
Even if I diversified with passion my activities of research toward other horizons and other inventions such as the plasmatic photopolymerizing lamps Apollo or with LEDs, tooth blanchiment techniques or digital radiographies, materials and fiber posts, spectro-colorimeters  or electronic articulators, it is mainly my work on CAD CAM which has kept me busy my whole life with amazement.
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  • Discovery

Of course, I was not lucky to work enough time in university laboratories in France (the great regret of my life), and I had to accept with pride and joy propositions in the USA and in Japan, but I have registered around fifty patents and soleau letters since 1980 (approximately 2 per year), representing more than 300 international registrations, which allowed me to finance my researches by sheer hard work and out of the classical paths. These documents will show you that my favorite activity is not only to search but also to invent...
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  • Press

Finally, if nostalgia gets you or if you want to remember some particular moments such as the crown in 20 minutes, which was awfully visionary at that time, enjoy reading the press articles... You will see that these articles were completely right and that the journalists had a correct and incredible vision about the future.
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  • My incoming activities

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  • Passions and living place  !

François and his wife Elisabeth today live in the South of France, in an old Cathar castle, the castle of Tarailhan, which goes back to the Roman period. You can find there his laboratory which is a part of his 3 children's life, Fabien, Véronique and Jonathan. Even if she has sometimes suffered from this proximity, this very united family has been cradled by research and the curiosity that can be found in it. It should be noted that this place full of history, located in Fleury d'Aude near Narbonne, i.e. next to the Mediterranean sea, in the Lion Gulf at 1 hour south from Montpellier and 2 hour North from Barcelona (Spain), has always given the opportunity to dream in a dazzling environment next to … the massif of la Clape...
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