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It is first to those who supported me during these 30 years that this page pays tribute to.

They will recognize themselves... Thanks to all of you !

This current section of my website lists per year the 650 main press articles which marked out my professional activity.

Knowing that I find it fundamental that a researcher reports about his work so that the scientific community may benefit from it and so that it gives rise to new vocations, I have always considered that communicating the result of my work to everybody had to be a duty. Some people took advantage from it, but some other thanked me for it.

Besides, presenting to the scientific community as well as to the general public an invention or the results of one's researches is a moral commitment, but also an obligation to prove what was said. We nowadays know the global outcome of dental and medical CAD CAM, the one of fast polymerization, of fiber post or of dental spectrophotometry... but, back to their presentations, many people called me a fool or a liar. Taking a look at the listed public pieces of information will make you better understand the responsibility of mine towards my peers. Under their benevolent eyes, as I must say, I proved year after year my conviction, and time did the rest.

In these references, you may also find about ten commercial descriptions recalling the successful outcomes of these inventions, showing their date of commercialization and their final characteristics. Nothing could have been achieved without a team, and presenting this equipment allows me, in turn, to pay tribute to these people skilled in the art, to whom I owe so much and who are too few cited.

By doing this first statement, I realized with surprise (and with a bit of pride as I must admit) that, on 28 years of work (and more precisely from 1982 to 2008), more than 650 articles have been written about my work.

Even if I don't know all of them, this seems to me as a good snapshot. Let's also point out that it didn't make my classification an easy work, all the more since the fact that, as I am neither a public person, nor a politician, nor a writer, nor a professional person of art, of entertainment or of broadcasting, my very tiny gifts as a newscaster were put into severe test!

Beyond these written press reviews, it was a pleasure for me to be interviewed by most of the television channels, French ones (TF1, A2, FR3, Canal+), Canadian ones, American ones (NBC, CBS, Cable,...), Japanese ones and even... Australian ones. It is thus impossible for me to show you all of them, but I make them available for you, my English accent is worth it!!! The debates and interviews on the radio (France Inter, Europe .. BBC) allowed me to get on well with some journalists and to learn a lot about the life of Sciences. I insist on thanking them, particularly Ms Martine Alain-Reyniaud.

There are several periods corresponding to stages which marked out my activities of inventor and of researcher. Throughout this listing, you will finally find that nearly all the countries of the world have spoken about my work. This is very important to me, because I wish no-one forgets that France is the cradle of dental and medical CAD CAM. Of course, you will find the whole Europe and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), but, more surprising for a French researcher, you will also find central America (Ecuador, Costa-Rica, …) South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chili, ..), middle East and all the Asian countries, including Japan.

One can thus live and like the campaign without fear because the scientific, medical and journalistic worlds have a mandatory ethic: respect for the researcher and his work. Out of curiosity, if you are interested in it, I encourage you to analyze this listing and to read the articles I selected, scanned and sorted per year for you.

Important notes:
1- The “journalist” reference (as author) means that the journalist who wrote the article is unknown to me.
2- The references “in red” are directly accessible in this website. You just have to click on them to make them appear.
3- The film references “in green” are directly accessible in this website. You just have to click on them to make them appear